We help create stories. We are passionate about working alongside brands to express their vision and connect with clients.
Our projects are visual narratives, communicating a brand´s values through coherence and creativity at all customer contact points.


​We work in a creative and cozy environment that has inherited the philosophy and “savoir faire” of small traditional ateliers.
Ours is a family oriented space that reflects our traditional, thorough and meticulous manner.
Our projects imbue the atelier’s essence. The quality of our work becomes our clients’ benchmark,
allowing them to stand out and position themselves as a prestigious brand that, in the consumer’s mind, offers high-end products.


We are an interdisciplinary design studio from Barcelona specialized in retail,
with our primary focus on the perfume, cosmetics, jewelry and eyewear industries.
Our team is made up of passionate graphic communication professionals, all of whom share a passion for corporate identity,
packaging, interior and product design, as well as the digital experience.
We are a creative family with a keen eye for detail, always striving for excellence in all entrusted projects,
treating each one of them as our own.
We walk in our clients’ shoes to help stimulate your clients’ imagination. Together we create moving experiences.


Albert Cebrià and Annabel Salinas founded La Resistencia in 2008 to revolutionize
the prevailing philosophy shared at the time by the great design studios.
Our desire to break with the impersonal working style of big agencies led us
to create a small studio and uniquely differentiate ourselves within the industry.